To:Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development
Request for: List of Companies that have tax holidays in Uganda
Submitted on: July 22, 2013

Background of the request

This Information Request was made when question arose about the discrepancies in the award of tax holidays by government. The Ministry of Finance partially provided us with this information, giving us two out of the four financial quotas of the year.

Description of the request
The document should include all companies for which the government of Uganda is currently paying value added tax (VAT) and corporation tax, indicating how much has been paid for each company.

Request Details

Ministry of finance IR

Tax holidays for Quarter Three FY 2012-13

Tax holidays for 2nd quarter of 2012-13 Payments to URA

Tax Expenditure for Quarter Two FY 2013-2014

Tax Expenditure for Quarter Three FY 2013-2014