In May 2015, Hub for Investigative Media (HIM) went in to a partnership with Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA) to train journalists in digital safety, access to information and investigative journalism skills. The project also focused on engaging local government officials on their obligation to provide information as stipulated in the provisions of Uganda’s Access to Information (ATI) Act of 2005.

DW-HIM ProjectIn line with the activities that were envisaged in the project, a matrix was developed by both DWA and HIM to help track those activities and to ensure that the targeted project beneficiaries are reached and the intended project impact is realized.

A plan was drawn to outline the priorities and activities of Hub for Investigative Media for the implementation of the project seeking to ensure that all Journalists / bloggers exercise their control and review function, and use it through sustainable structures in the areas of research and safety. As a general overview of the plan, HIM implemented the project in a phased approach.

DW-HIM ProjectPhase one of the project focused on laying a foundation for the project. The planned activities under this period were geared towards developing the interest among journalists in the areas of investigative journalism and digital safety of journalist in 12 districts in the country, plus training of journalists and building an informal network of such journalist and bloggers. To ensure efficient and effective management of the project, phase I also focused on strengthening the HIM structures through enhancing the capacities of the staff for the project and equipment for HIM. One major aspect of this engagement was the developing of the HIM Strategic Plan 2015-2018 which has guided the project activities as well as growth of HIM structures in this project period. Phase 1 activities were conducted in 2015

The second phase ran through 2016 to 2018 focusing on consolidating HIM as a focal point of Access to Information, Investigative journalism and digital safety of journalists. Building on phase I activities such as the trainings that were conducted in that period, HIM together with the journalists and the guidance of DWA jointly developed a plan towards ensuring that investigative journalism is understood and practiced and overall, HIM gradually evolved into a competence center for Access to Information, digital safety and investigative reporting for journalists using the ATI tools.

DW-HIM ProjectAs part of the project, HIM organized short practical training sessions on various aspects of project planning for its staff in 2015. These were intended to enhance the staff capacity and skills in Project Planning and Management. It was also expected that with such skills and know-how, the staff would more ably impact in rolling out the project and public engagements as they implemented the programme. The skills that the HIM staff got from those and the subsequent training sessions have been very vital pillars for HIM as an organization that have immensely contributed to its growth as it stands now.

The HIM/DWA Project 2015-2018 laid a great foundation for HIM as an organization and it is that foundation that HIM continues to build on with other partners in the implementation of its projects in the digital security, access to information and investigative skills areas.